About MaMa

What and Who is Madcap Marilyn? 

True Hollywood flair comes from the beautiful Marilyn Mae Cone Slater
- my MaMa. 

In her life, she was a historian in the film industry that always had a taste for the finer things in life - new and vintage. 

This store was created in her memory. A mix of new and vintage locally sourced pieces (Georgia Grown), Southern Charm, and Hollywood Glam. 

All items in our store are hand curated and specially sourced - both locally and imported. These gifts don't require a screen! Snacks that will trigger nostalgia. Home decor that truly brings art alive and into a home. 

In short, it is everything my MaMa (and Papa) would have loved. It is something that we hope you appreciate. And that can be handed down for generations - allowing your children to cherish and remember the fun had. 
L’dor v’dor = Generation to Generation.