From LA (Los Angeles) to LA (Lower Abbeville)

Really more about me? Are you serious?

A southern woman born on the wrong coast….
Yep, I love hats and skirts, heels and boots.
Born in L.A. moved to L.A…. (Los Angeles to Lower Abbeville).
But only those who know understand.


And then the next question is, "Why?"

Well why not… Air is clean, people are good, and California sucks.  


My Mama’s family (the Cone side) was from Georgia and I am always amazed at running into distant kin.  Raised in Hollywood, with the glitz and glam, you soon learn it’s just a facade to look good on screen. Here, the foundation is strong. We don’t worry as much about the image as we do the substance.  

However, when my Mom passed in October of 2019, I wanted to honor her, have a little shop with everything my Mama loved, and be able to showcase (and share) her extensive collection.  I was able to have a soft opening in time for Mother’s Day 2020 and a Grand Opening on the day she became a mother (my birth - June 5).

I grew up hearing stories about Old Hollywood. My mother had a direct connection with the first woman to get a pie in the face on screen and first woman to own her own studio - a Gibson Girl, turned actress - "Madcap" Mable Normand. One of my best friends was the granddaughter of an original Keystone Kop. I grew up thinking this was the norm. And the summers spent hunting and fishing in Lake Shasta and outside Butte, Montana - the unique.




I know Georgia is getting a lot of transplants that are giving all of us transplants a bad reputation.  Rest assured, I left the west coast for a reason.

I appreciate the values and people here; otherwise, I wouldn’t have moved across the country.  I am glad to have a little shop that brings some Hollywood Glam to rural Georgia.


My internal thought process was - if you’ve ever watched Green Acres, 

“What kinda shop would Lisa open next to Drucker’s Hardware store?”

When my Mama visited me here in Wilcox, that’s who she reminded me of.
And here, I opened her shop next to Mashburn’s Hardware store.



Please come visit MaMa’s, either in person or online, as I continue to share my story - along with some fabulous tales about the woman I wish to honor. 



 Pictures of me. Stories and updates to come.